very slow login process

Hi Folks.

Since last year I experience an annoying problem on a OpenSuse 13.2 system. Any way used to login into the system takes a very long timpe: between 20 an 40 seconds. This was not the case at the installation of the system. It came over after about two months. Instead of writing a lot of text, please have a look at this link. It describes very well which is my server’s trouble. The problem witj the login process occurs either with a nomal login or when using SSH, either on local system or remote, su is also concerned.
in addition there are some other information which could have an influence on the login process:

  • server is running XFCE, not GNOME, no KDE
  • Server’s HD is pretty new, 16 GB of memory, 16GB of SWAP (never used)
  • cannot control services anymore: systemctl doen’t work anymore (Activation of org.freedesktop.systemd1 timed out
    Failed to get load state of pwoff.service: Connection timed out)
  • every day this machine receives about 50 SSH requests for scp purposes from another 13.2 remote system (backup of files). SSH login runs without login (SSH public rsa key exchanges - no login passwords)
  • another 13.2 server is running without those problems. I connect to it in the same SSH way 2 or 3 times a day. As the two servers have been installed using the same ISO DVD with the same options and are updated in a regular basis, server installation difference cannot explain the login trouble.

Please consider that I’m not a specialist when asking me to answer some of your questions, be as explicit as possible when asking me to excute some commands. This machine is currently running and threfore I cannot restart it very easily. I’m not close to the server and iIm connected via SSH.

After having spent a lot of time searching in forums, including this one, and two reinstallations later, the same effects occur. Notice that with previous 12.3 none of these problems arised.
Thank for help.


While I have no doubt that people will try to help you, you should take into account that 13.2 is out of support. That means that most people will be unable to compare your situation with what they have, let alone that they will be able to re-create your problem on their own system.

Maybe I should stop to use OpenSuse as well.


Well you do need to keep up 13.2 is out of support for a good long while now. No updates and the repositories have been for the most part pulled down.

If you want or need long term support consider the commercial version

the current version 42.2 has about 6 months more life and 42.3 is just about ready to come out. The life cycle current is for 18 months per version. The commercial version are slatted for `3 year life

That’s wrong (unless this was a typo, as character is suspiciously close to “1”): SUSE

Yea was thinking of the licensing packages not support.