very sloooowwwww connection - asus p5kc


I’ve got asus p5kc mb with onboard lan with Attansic L1 Gigabit EthernetAdapter and standard static ip setting (static ip + internet gatway).

My coonection is 2Mbit DSL - why in open suse my connection is verey, very … slow (somtimes speed messured in BYTES!!)??? Mostly during checking repositories and downloading new programs (from yast)??? WWW is also kind slow - when i type www addres into firfox or konqueror the browser “thinks” for 10 seconds and then loads the page - in windows it is much faster???

Is smth wrog with my network connection???


have you disabled ipv6 ? this sometimes causes problems when enabled.


i’ve turned it off and rebooted, in www maybe there is a little difference but while adding repositories it’s still dramaticly slow…

Does your system log contain messages that look like this?

atl1 0000:02:00.0: hw csum wrong, pkt_flag:1600, err_flag:80