Very poor ntfs performance.

Hi all,

I’m trying to backup some files from a Windows NTFS disk (SATA attached SSD) to a Linux XFS formatted SSD hard disk. But the performance is
really slow ! Like 2.5M/S slow (measured with iotop). Which I find really odd. The files currently being copied are large (virtual hard disk files).

XFS filesystem is mounted in fstab with :
UUID=blah-blah-blah /storage/disk2 xfs defaults 0 1

NTFS is mounted from command line with :

mount /dev/sda4 /mnt

I recently copied files from another NTFS filesystem (on the same hard disk as above**) to the XFS partition, and was getting 150M/S so I don’t think
it’s the hard disk slowing things down.

**This machine was previously a windows machine and I was converting the hard disk to XFS, by creating an xfs filesystem, copying the files
NTFS->XFS, then deleting the NTFS and expanding th e XFS to the whole disk.

I’ve checked in /var/log/messages in case there where any hardware messages from the drives (there are none), the source SSD, is from a working
windows system, and so I’m pretty sure it is good.

Any clues why this is so slow, or how I can speed it up?



Can you re-mount it from /etc/fstab or using the partitioner with defaults option and see if it is any faster? My NTFS drives are mounted this way and speed is not noticeably slower than their EXT4 counterparts.

For example:

UUID=BA7AFA287AF9E155                      /mnt/SJL_2022_Block      ntfs  defaults                        0  0

in /etc/fstab