Very old Firefox is refusing to load LEAP installation page

I’m wanting to upgrade an old laptop to LEAP 15.3. I thought that the laptop was on LEAP 42 but the version of Firefox running on it suggests that it’s 13.2.

I’ve gone to the “Install Leap” page on the website on the laptop but Firefox is refusing to load the page, saying the “ is configured improperly” and it won’t load it to prevent my data being stolen.

I can’t find any way of overriding this. The Firefox version is 50.1.0 (very old indeed!).

Any suggestions as to the way forward? The laptop itself contains no data that isn’t on Dropbox.

Addendum: some perfectly working websites that I use regularly on my desktop (including this one!) are also reported as being configured improperly, so the block is the age of the Firefox. But, however that may be, I really need to upgrade my laptop!

It’s most likely due to expired root certificates in the OS.

Do you wish to download the entire DVD? In that case you can just download via HTTP;

not sure I grasp the problem properly. To get openSUSE current install media, either update firefox and download, install another web browser and download, e.g., chrone, or download it off another computer. I use dvd installs. Burn to dvd and install over old install as there is nothing you don’t have backed up. You can do the download to a windows computer and then burn to dvd in windows.

You might have to halt bios startup in order to change boot order. Older machines often first try boot from cd then hd and then others so you may have to do nothing.

tom kosvic

I’ve long ago amended the bios on the laptop to boot from CD first. But I was hoping to be able to use the online upgrade facility.

The OS is so old there are no repos for it, so using a different or upgraded browser is out of the question. There aren’t any available.

You can hop from 42.x to 15.x and then upgrade to 15.3 - I’ve done a few upgrades like that.

You simply need to add the 15.x repos with http:// rather than https://, you can find the old discontinued versions from here;






If you add the repos with https it’ll break due to the certificate chain not working.

But as the OP is not even sure what version of openSUSE he has now, The online upgrading process one version at the time may be tedious (even if all the intermediate versions are still to be found on-line) and uncertain.

I think that downloading the 15.3 ISO using wget (which then avoids using FF), and installing from that (either from DVD or USB memory stick) is the best.

Going straight to download mirrors is always an option, and the only one I use. e.g. in this case: where you’ll also see NET isos, used for starting an installation after making only a small download for a USB stick or CD to burn, then getting all else, only what is to actually be installed, from the net, the same as would happen doing ordinary online updates.

That was what I was thinking I would have to do. In fact, I could make the USB on my desktop and use that. Though I have soenm urgent stuff to do so I probably won’t be able to try that for a couple of days or so.