Very odd sound issue, reposting...

…simply because it’s really irritating. Sound randomly cuts out for
no apparent reason and i have to keep resetting it. anyone know what
might do that? Runnin 10.3


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You probably gave these details in your other post, but either link to
that, or give them again:

  1. You’ve already said you’re running 10.3. 32 or 64-bit?

  2. Which sound card is it?

  3. Which desktop environment (KDE, Gnome, etc.)?

That’ll be a start.


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Thanks for the reply. Indeed, I suppose more specifics would be nice.
Just thought someone might have a quick idea right away.

10.3 32-bit

VIA Tech onboard AC97 audio with VT8233 driver. Already tried a new
card quite a while back but don’t remember which one; it didn’t change

KDE 3.5


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As well as answers to the questions requested by smpoole7, the next time
your sound system fails, have a look at system messages (if any) with:

dmesg | tail

Does the mixer die when you lose sound?

If you can, please supply more info concerning desktop sound system
being used? Some users have has serious problems with PulseAudio for


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