Very lagged chrome when I open two browsers

When I open Google Chrome my pc works very well.

But when I open another session (other people in chrome) and I try to work with 2 chromes (one chrome with YouTube opened and other chrome doing anything) the second chrome have a lot of crashes.

I’ve trying to clear my history and cache but no success.

With Ctrl-N you can get a “clone” of your running chrome session, when you do that see you also this problem?

When this works fine, I would stick with this “work-around”.

With Ctrl+N I have the same problem.

When I start a youtube video and try to work at another chrome session I have a lot of crashes.

Its looks a gnome bug, I tried it in debian 12 and have the same problem.

My confs:

ryzen 7
16gb ram
ssd 240gb

Yes, if debian has the same problem it is likely a chrome issue or… something wrong on your computer as I can not really assume this is a problem for more people.

I do not really use chrome a lot, my default is Firefox but I tried two windows (one cloned) with youtube running on one and a news site with video on the other, no problem.

I would try running stressapptest, you might have to install that using zypper and play a bit with it to stress out your PC, does that find erorrs?