Very Impressed

Well, after 20 years of using Linux, I have struggled with distro-hopping and am trying desperately to stop. I have used or tried nearly every distro on distrowatch, to include dumping Linux entirely and switching to BSD for a few months. I always toggle back and forth between “I want it to just work” and “I want to build it myself”. The older I get, the “I want it to just work” is stronger :wink:

I installed openSuse Leap 42.3 last night and although I find the partition tool fairly horrible (un-intuitive), I figured it out and have a nicely running Gnome install. I must say I am impressed by this distro. The only negative I had was the old version of sane-backends (1.0.24) but after reading up on how to install 1.0.27, I got my scanner working just fine. Support for my scanner started in version 1.0.25. I successfully installed the Nvidia drivers, Steam and the other apps I use. No deal-breakers so far and I am getting used to Yast. I normally do 100% of admin tasks at the command line but Yast is a very well thought out tool and is very intuitive.

Well done to the Suse team! So far so good, I will try to stick around!

Welcome to openSUSE and to openSUSE forums.

You can find out more about openSUSE in this ‘communications’ web page: … where it lists the various areas in addition to the forum where one can obtain more information and help wrt openSUSE.

When I am looking for information on a subject for help on openSUSE, in addition to those communications channels, I also often use google to see if there is an openSUSE wiki and will do a search with ‘openSUSE wiki subject’ where “subject” is my topic of interest.

And a comment wrt the forum - like many forums in other GNU/Linux distributions, our forum is run by volunteers and contributions of the membership. While we are the ‘official’ forum, it is never-the-less one of volunteers. We are fortunate thou, to have some very good contributors.

I hope you continue to find not just openSUSE, but any GNU/Linux distribution, serves your PC operating system needs.


Just so you know (just in case)

yast2 is the gui version.

yast is the tui version.