very happy with OpenSUSE 11.0 repos

After much struggling (and failure) getting some code to compile after rolling my own math libraries, I figured I’d try my luck and look in the OpenSUSE 11.0 repos for lapack and blas.

Found them, installed them, compiled my code and everything works, even the mpi compile ran without a hitch. Next step is to see if fftw and/or gotoblas are available in the repos.

Anyhow, thumbs up to the OpenSUSE 11.0 repos - I was very pleasantly surprised to find some math libraries. It is always good to get something to work after many trials and tribulations.

Since the build-service was opened up, there’s a wealth of packages available now, many from independent community members. It’s going to put the old “but Ubuntu/Debian/et al. has xxx packages available” argument to rest, what with 30,000 some-odd packages available, that are linked to the core distribution (and related projects), and automatically rebuilt when dependent packages change. It’s brilliant. is a great tool for finding stuff…


Thanks for that link - very helpful indeed. And a very nice touch that an alternate search site is linked when main site down for maintenance.

Indeed, I can’t sing the praises of the openSUSE build service enough. Excellent for finding software and keeping packages up to date, without having to worry about waiting for the next distribution release.

This thread has convinced me to get OpenSUSE 11, I’m currently running Ubuntu, have ran Slackware and arch and I’m just not finding my right distro, but this one sounds very promising.

I was also user of Ubuntu before.but i face alot of problems there.
I switch to fedora,mandrake,mint etc.
Then finally i got opensuse, and using it from 10.3 now. Its really great distro ever i use. Great community,Thumbs up to its community. Most people says, Ubuntu has very large community than others, but it doesn’t matter. because i did not get any right and on time help there.And its not about term LARGE, its about help. Repo of openSUSE is rocking.
openSUSE proved this, small but helpful.
Mandrake is my 2nd choice.
This is just my personal opinion.

Don’t forget Yast Suse wouldn’t be the same without it & those repos!

The BS is really good…I’ve managed to enhance my Suse experience a lot with it. However, I wish there were more serves handling the BS repos. I find that only, and mirroring the BS and it tends to get overloaded a LOT.

Is there an uber-server for Suse, kinda like the famous distrib-coffee and servers for Mandriva?


So Far the Build Service has had 100 percent of the packages I’ve been looking for and very easy installl , Thanks and keep up the good work.