Vertical lines when installing Suse 11

Hi all

I downloaded the 32 bit version of Suse 11 from

Then I burned it on a DVD and tried to install it on a Fujitsu PC. It started well and when it almost finishes, vertical lines appear looking like graphical artifacts. Moving the mouse and pressing keys on the keyboard dont help and I even tried using a lower resolution and changed video card of my pc still same problem.

Can anyone help me pls?

  • ramon82,

else the system works? It’s just the vertical lines? Or is the screen stuck?



Before I installed the correct ATI driver software, I had something that seems similar.

It was lines across the screen and the screen wobbled about.

I used to get back to normal by switching to ‘CTRL+ALT+F1’ then back to ‘CTRL+ALT+F7’.

Sorry if this is completely irrelevant.


The screen gets stuck with a lot of vertical lines which are green and light blue…seems like the colors which the installer uses. i replaced monitor, video card, lowered resolution all in vain :((

what possibly can be wrong? i even tried installing in text mode and still does the same!!!

Try booting with acpi=off