Vertical Bars Displayed While Booting Live CD

When I attempt to boot the Suse 11.1 live CD my Dell Diminsion just displays Green, Blue, and other colored vertical lines and hangs. Can someone help me to resolve this issue. I even tried the fail safe boot and it didn’t work either. Yes I am a noob, so please be gentle. :’(

Umm, how do you get to choose “failsafe” if you can not see anything else than color bars?
Or, OTOH does the CD boot correctly into the grub boot menu?
And if, what choice did you take there, especially for the graphic mode?

It does make it to the menu. After I make my selection it begins to show the list of pass and fail items. Then at a certain point it stops and shows the vertical bars. I chose 800x600 graphic mode and 1024x768 modes and the result is the same.

Different issues:

Did you check, weather your life CD is burned correctly (md5). Can you use an other source, such as DVD, burned at low speed?

If your source proves to be upright, did you try installation in text mode instead of graphic mode?