version control system ??

hello every one,

i have decided to introduce myself to version control systems tools .

i understand that there are a couple of them out there(cvs-subversion-get(the latest and used by the Linux kernel project))

I’ve decided to go with “GET” and I’m asking you to recommend me a good book about it
(i’m thinking about The Art of UNIX Programming maybe)

by the way i don’t know any thing more than C at the moment …

Hello mostafaxxx,

First of all, it’s Git not GET.

Does it has to be a book, because there’s a lot of documentation on the internet.
Have a look here: Git - Fast Version Control System

Do you mean you also want to learn another language?
Because you don’t need any programming skills to use a version control system.

Good luck!:wink:

Don’t you mean git???

Have a read here or use man git or git --help from the command line
Git - Fast Version Control System

Don’t you mean git???

yes sorry about that …

Good luck!

keep up the struggle :wink:

I do not have any idea about this one but seriously, after reading this article about version control it gave me lots of insights about it and how important it is. The article talks about the various version control software and compares them with each other.

There are lots of solutions out there, and the article talks a definitive feature comparison of the different solutions so you can decide the which is best for you. The article mentioned SVN, Git, Mecurial, and CVS and their features.

A bit off-topic, but Linus once joked: I’m an egotistical *******, and I name all my projects after myself. First Linux, now git.

I thought it was great self-deprecating humour.

Git (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia