Version Control Software


Can anyone recommend any graphical version control software for OpenSuse?

I know cvs is the command line “industry standard” but I can’t make any sense of it.


You can get graphical frontends. Also web frontends. I’m sure a search will turn up something.

But I’d recommend subversion if you don’t have any legacy cvs to support.

If you do a Filter -> Search (or just Search in pre-11.0) YaST Software Management for “cvs” there are a number of graphical front-end packages.

Personally, I just stuck it out to learn command-line cvs, and it paid off very well.

Are you just using this locally? If so, RCS might be a bit easier…

Imho, CVS is almost dead. The reason why is used is because there are still lots of repositories who didn’t switched to SVN(subversion).

And to make a conclusion, both SVN/CVS imho sux. Good version system is GIT or Mercurial. I suppose they will be widely used in the next years.

As for GUIs there are zillions of them, just use google, and pick what you like.