Version 13.2 Download and install issue.

Last Friday I started the Opensuse 13.2 download using k3b and burned the iso onto the disk. No errors indicated in the download or transfer to disk. I was running Version 12.2 on my Compaq Presario C700. Dual Intel CPU T2370@1.33 GHz, Memory - 986.16 MB, free memory 61.39 MB, Swap - 1.45 GB, Free Swap - 1.11 GB. I was running a dual operating system Windows 7 and Opensuse 12.2 due to Skype and Sketchup not being able to run on 12.2.

Total disaster consuming ALL of my time this weekend. Here are the issues. 13.2 downloads, burns, installs and then leaves me hanging in GRUB. Only error during install is unable to mount boot manager, set it up to use root, setting the active Flag and write generic boot code to MBR. My 12.2 disk is cracked so reloaded 11.3, installed KDE correctly and low and behold files from two years ago show up. :slight_smile: Downloaded 12.3 through k3b, same issue as 13.2, neither gnome or kde will install leaves me in GRUB.
Downloaded the 13.2 KDE install iso, same approach with k3b, and the system works as long as I leave the KDE Live install disk in drive and run off of it, but it will not install either.

Now previously when I downloaded the iso, I would put it on desktop and then use k3b manually to burn a disk. Is this the basic issue or is there something else going on?

I’m not sure what your issue might be.

Here is the method I used for 13.2 (and previous versions):

  • use Firefox to download the desired ISO from
  • check the MD5 of the downloaded ISO to verify that the download is good
  • use k3b to burn the ISO to disc - having k3b run the verify-after-burn step.
  • boot and install from the disc

Note that I ALWAYS download and install from the full dvd (64 bit).
I don’t use the “live” dvds, so I can not comment on them.

is your machine BIOS set to UEFI or legacy?

from the DVD which install did you choose?

Looking at your hardware spec, I am wondering if it is enough to run 13.2 kde smoothly. Mind you should get further than the grub… Are you using the DVD to install? This is the recommended format for installation and also it does offer lighter desktops that may play better with your hardware.