Veromix in openSUSE 11.4

I’m looking forward to use veromix, a mixer for pulseaudio, since kmix doesn’t expose any of the features of pulseaudio. I installed it from GHNS but it didn’t start. After I saw the requirements for veromix to run I’m still missing two of them: plasma-scriptengine-python and python-qt4-dbus. I couldn’t find them, not even using or webpin. I can’t even find the sources. Has anyone installed it succesfully on openSUSE? Can anyone point me to the source code of this two packages? Or even better has anyone got this packages in a private repo in obs?

  • derhundchen,

I see veromix plasmoids on, did you try one of these?


Oh god! I should have looked for the actual package first instead of the dependencies. Thanks man! The plasmoid works as expected.

KDE 4.8 on 12.1

veromix installed from the repos (KDE4.8 Extra)

When adding to panel I get

Could not create a python ScriptEngine for the Veromix widget.

I have verified & re-installed the following:

Same error still.

# python /usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma/plasmoids/veromix-plasmoid/contents/code/
--no output--

# plasmoidviewer /usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma/plasmoids/veromix-plasmoid/contents/code/
--opens a window saying:
Could not find requested component:

# cd /usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma/plasmoids/veromix-plasmoid/
# plasmoidviewer
veromix icon installed
outputting dbus-service file
--more bits & bobs
-- A widget is displayed!

Any ideas?

Bah! Fixed. Need to log out as well before it will work. D’Oh.

Are you using 64bit or 32 bit? I cannot make it work on 64 bit. It says “Could not create a python ScriptEngine for the Veromix widget”. I have all the dependencies installed. I installed veromix

kde 4.8.1
plasmoid-veromix : 0.16.1-1.2
python-kde4: 4.8.1-25.3
python-kdebase4: 4.8.1-738.1
python-qt4: 4.9-81.7


You need the pyton qt4 devel package

Here is an old thread that is similar

So, when I tried to install python-qt4-devel, it pulls up a lot of dependencies, is that normal? That seems a lot for just python-qt.

Hmmnn, probably that’s the trade-off. of making widget running in python to work in openSUSE KDE4.X The dependencies are not that huge. I saw some comments elsewhere but didn’t bookmarked it so I can’t substantiate it but they said python in openSUSE is not that good. We can wait for the experts to comment on this.

Well i installed it anyway, and it works now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to know it worked for you;)