Verizon Wireless Internet Broadband Connection

I live in a rural area that will never get normal high speed internet. So my wife and daughter insisted we plunge into a Windows7 machine with Verizon UMW190 wireless modem. I’ve used SuSE since 6.1 pro and still like my 9.0 pro, but have 9.2 pro. I have a book coming with 11.0 opensuse DVD, but can’t download (or find another who can without errors) the 11.3 on my dialup. So I’m kind of stuck in yesteryear.

I would prefer setting up a Linux router instead of Windows ICS if I can figure out how to use the Verizon service on Linux. This seems like it should be a common issue, but searches didn’t turn up much (yet). Thanks in advance for thoughts.

Just a note; Since we have a 5G monthly limit I can’t download the opensuse DVD here, either. And I hesitate to buy a downloaded copy from ebay from a kid gamefreak (just an oldguy thing).

If you do a NetInstall (~100MB), then it goes through the installer like a DVD and downloads/installs only what you specify.

Could also put an “APB” in the Chit Chat section and see if somebody will send you one?

Either download the net iso and use that (you will download the files
though), Else you could use SuSE Studio ( to
create a customized version for you to download? Just create an
account, it shouldn’t take long for it to get approved.

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To be honest, I would be happy to pay something for a quality set of DVDs. Since getting my wife’s broadband I checked out the repositories, and they look like the old CDs in the SuSE pro set (except a lot larger). I learned a lot of Unix browsing those old SuSE CD (6.1, 7.0, 7.3, 8.0, 8.1, 9.0, 9.1, 9.2) sets. And learned to program using the development libraries. I got into IPC semaphore sets most recently. So I don’t always know what I’m looking for. I spend far more time programming and learning than internet browsing. Thanks for the leads.

I assume you know about being able to purchase the box version, right? Buy openSUSE - openSUSE

No, dragon, I didn’t so big thanks. I did see something about a $15 DVD, but nothing about a boxed set. Glad to see SuSE is still alive. A truly great software system. My first microcomputer used CP/M (for thousands of dollars 30 years ago).

I emailed the US sales office and got a quick reply by a Dr. Apparently the internet is the only way to get an expanded opensuse. For me, the irony is, after my neurophysiology undergrad then grad Biophysics (a long time ago), I was the first I knew to push the internet with the inventor of digital electronics (few believed it). Now, in the boonies pushing Biophysical chem of biofuels, I can’t figure a way to get decent internet or an up to date OS I need for development. Like starving in a room full of canned peaches without a can opener.

Dont know if this will help but you can get openSUSE DVD for around $5 Welcome to Linux - openSUSE. You can get just about any version you want 9.1 to 11.3.

I know a buddy of mine (when we were on the road) had a satellite internet connection and it was not the greatest but it got the job done. Had speeds about like a low DSL line and didn’t cost to much more than DSL and he was living in a rural area.

Sincere thanks, Brad. That’s where I need to start; competent linux advocates.

I’ve tried to find a better connection for years. Looked at satellite options. Recently begged for ISDN 128K service. This Verizon is pretty good, just need to get the modem to work with Linux. But first I need to get updated Linux.

The PC repair shop in town downloaded a copy, but didn’t use the validation software. I didn’t feel like getting yelled at again.

Thanks again, Brad.

Oh I know that feeling when it works your great when it doesn’t get out in the dog house now. Mine is the same way if it breaks fix it now so I have to drop everything I’m doing and fix hers. :slight_smile: