Verifying shim SBAT data failed

Hello everybody,
I have just installed LEAP 15.6 on my Acer Travelmate Spin B3, or I tried so.
The installation process went without any issues. After completing it said it wanted to restart the machine.
All that happened then was the message that the machine will be reset in 4 seconds, the machine reboots, and ends up with the same message, and so on.
If I try to continue booting the message:
Verifying shim SBAT data failed: Security Policy Violation

TI tried to boot from an usb stick which failed. I can‘t enter the BIOS either. So I‘m completely stuck. Can anybody help?
The install

This was asked already quite often:

What is on this USB stick?

Hello again,

Yes, I have already read through the posts. The problem I face is, in my case I can‘t even enter the bios settings or boot from a usb stick - I tried several sticks e.g. openSuse live, Debian 12, Ubuntu Live.

Which openSUSE?

It is again rather vague. You do not have password or what?

Hello again,

I‘m sorry, though I‘m on Linux for quite some time, I‘m not very good on the technical side.
On my notebook usually when I want to enter bios setup, I press F2 on switching on. There is no password. Since installing Leap 15.6, the screen simply remains black, but will not enter setup. So, it looks like the machine is hangs already before that (?).
Sorry for not being more precise - it‘s just what I see that happens

Sorry, again me…
I tried OpenSuse Leap 15.6 gnome live, Ubuntu 24.04 and Debian 12.5 - the usb stick start flickers but will not boot. I guess, after the installation the boot sequence seems to be reset to booting from the ssd first. But I can’t verify this because I can’t enter bios setup.

Hello again,

I figured out a solution myself. What I did is to remove the ssd hard drive, so I was able to enter the bios setup again and reset it…

After all I‘m not sure if a leading enterprise Linux system shouldn’t be able to be installed without corrupting the uefi system.

Thanks for your comments

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