Velocity LiveCD

Hi everybody,

I want to install the 11.1’s version but I was aondering if the installed version is faster than the liveCD’s one.

Moreover, I have heard about an agreement between Microsoft and Novell is it true? and what is the nature of it?
This question because I don’t like Microsoft so much (and the way they force people to use Windows, trhough the pre-ionstallation of the system) and I don’t want,trhough the installation of Suse, increase the power of Microsoft.

Thanks in advance

Running off a hard disk is definitely faster than running off a live CD. Also you can have persistent files. The live CD is basically a demo, not for real use. To have a real install you need a hard disk.

There are many articles on the MS/Novell deal. Search for some articles that correctly explain what the deal is, and judge for yourself, as the attitudes to the deal tend to be personal views.