Vefify USB ISO after install?

I had to use Windows 10 to create the install USB stick for Leap. I found zero clear instructions on how to verify the checksum in Windows, so went ahead with the install. Now that I have access to the beautiful green light bulb, I’d like to verify the ISO file for peace of mind. Any reason I can’t do this to the install USB now? If it checks out, I’m good, yes? (I understand that if it doesn’t I should start again).

The USB image will differ from the ISO image so no you can’t test it. Test the ISO check sum before burning to USB. There is little chance of an error in copying to a USB unlike a larger change copying to a DVD

You want a straight up binary copy of the ISO to the USB . No boot helpers or other programs.

If it boots and installs the image is probably OK

Sorry, that’s not clear. If there’s little chance of error in copying to USB, then checking the USB from Linux should give some peace of mind. The original ISO is on a Windows drive and checking in windows has no clear workflow.

No the check sums will likely not be the same because the ISO and USB will have different geometries and the check sums will not match. Where as a DVD/CD has the same geometry so you can do a check sum. So no you can not verify a USB image reliably. You can a DVD.

Any CD/DVD burn software should have a checksum function and you can use that to check even if you don’t burn an image