Veetle in Opensuse 11.3 64 bit?

Hi all,

I have been unable to install Veetle Veetle - Broadcast live streaming video in HD on my 64 bit linux.

Has anyone succeeded thus far?

Thank you

Did you follow the install instructions?

To install and use Veetle TV, you must read and
accept the license terms in LICENSE.

Then, at the command prompt, type:
 mkdir -p ~/.mozilla/plugins
 cp *.so ~/.mozilla/plugins
 mkdir -p ~/.veetle_vlc
 cp vlc ~/.veetle_vlc
 cp vlc_encoder ~/.veetle_vlc
 cp -r encoder_plugins ~/.veetle_vlc

Looking further, I think it’s only 32bit, you might want to check out their forum and post there as to when it will work on 64bit.