VDR plugins in Opensuse 10.3

As soon as I try to add a self compiled vdr plugin with opensuse 10.3 it is impossible
to get it to work.
I downloaded the OSD-Teletext plugin, compiled it and got a “libvdr-osdteletext.so”
file, which I added under /etc/vdr/plugins/. Finally I made the necessary entry into
the start script /etc/sysconfig/vdr under VDR_PLUGINS= “libvdr-osdteletext” .
By selecting the Menue on the vdr OSD I never got an entry for the teletext
Can somebody help me to correct my failures?
I used the plugin vdr-osdteletext-0.5.1.tgz for compilation with the command
“make VDRDIR=/usr/include/vdr LIBDIR=/usr/lib/vdr all” .

you must patch osdteletext 0.5.1

see on the german VDR-wiki under point Installation:

Osdteletext-plugin - VDR Wiki


Hi, Andy !
Thank You very much for the info to patch. It worked right away.