Hi all:

I am ordinarily a user of a certain operating system that begins with “W” but I’ve recently started running Linux again to re-familiarize myself. To accomplish this I use VirtualBox with a couple virtual instances (now OpenSUSE 11 and Ubuntu).

Key difference from what I’ve read, I exclusively use OpenSUSE as a guest operating system.

I was able to successfully install the additions for improved mouse/screen handling on the prior OpenSUSE release, but with 11 I’m unsuccessful. The error message I get when I run the script is the standard unable to find kernel include directory.

I’ve read a plethora of posts and have ensured that kernel-source, gcc, make, and many others are installed. /usr/src/linux/include is present with a variety of files.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to diagnose the issue here? Anyone set up the VBox guest additions on a clean install of 11?

I appreciate any assistance. Feel free to treat me as a linux neophyte for such I am.


make sure your kernel-source version matches the installed kernel

I have used it very sucessfully in suse11 guest. I can tell you it will mess with the way it boots, you will find after installing the vbox additions you will login at the command prompt. just enter username and password, then type startx

can’t really think of anything else, if you are sure you have all the necessary packages

Same here, I did it this morning on a clean suse 11 in virtualbox.

No issue at all. The kernel source was installed.