VBox packages

VBox was running earlier, but because my computer needed more room to store Virtual Machines, a partition had to be reformatted to allow for the large files.

I am now reinstalling VBox using the OpenSUSE SW Manager, hopefully in a more intelligent, planned way this time. Which VBox packages does a typical user need? (I think) only VBox, the guest addition, and a new Linux kernel package is necessary(?)…

–The first thing I did was insert the SUN VirtualBox repository in Yast | Software |Repositories and upped the priority to 110:

–There are all of these packages. Image: http://a.imageshack.us/img833/2917/screenshotsoftwaremanag.png
–why so many packages? I’m guessing that OSE is Open Source Edition. Confused about KMP, PAE, default, desktop, etc… I know these are beginner questions. :\ Maybe there is a link somewhere that explains all these terms.


If you are installing the version from Sun/Oracle, you do not want the OSE versions
Switch your view to Repositories (see where it says Groups in your image) click the drop box and select repositories
Then view the Virtual Box repo and make sure it is installing that.
Uncheck all the OSE stuff (ignore the errors until you have done them all)

I have a guide here:
Virtual Box (Sun Version) Install HowTo

Adding the easiest option for 11.3
…that top section was pretty easy, and simple enough to follow (using Gnome). :slight_smile: Thanks

Pleased to be of assistance