Vbox not working in OpenSuse13.2

When i try to open Vbox it’s break. i try to open it with terminal. after


i get

vbox: can't get service 'vboxd/tcp' - please read the manual.

what i must to do?

What desktop are you running? (might be useful info).

How did you install VirtualBox (from what repository)?

On my 13.1 system, I use this REPO .
And, BTW, to run from CLI, I type


Careful: VirtualBox is not vbox.

I don’t know anything about the latter though…

Woops, I see VirtualBox referred to as vbox so often never realized this.
We’ll have to wait and see what the OP really meant.

Yeah, that’s what I though at first myself too.

But he’s clearly trying to run “vbox” not “VirtualBox” according to his post… :wink:

Btw, by looking at the error message I would suggest to check whether the “vboxd” service is enabled in YaST->Network Services->Network Services (xinetd).