VBox, KDE, GTK????

Hi folks! I have to run windows, and do so in a vBox. All works fine, but I have a minor quibble, best explained I think with a screenshot… so here it is:


(Please ignore the obv. resolution/colour depth problems, I am tinkering with them ATM)

Is this called the menu bar or toolbar?
I would like to make the options (machine device help)in a smaller font, and reduce the overall size of the bar itself, as i feel I have a lot of wasted real estate here. I know I can make the vBox full-screen, but I like to keep my Suse taskbar visible and available as I swap between the two all the time.

Now; some tinkering about has revealed to me that vBox is a GTK (?) app, (I use KDE 3.5 btw) but when I go to K > settings> appearance & themes> GTK styles & fonts, I find that I can adjust the font (I think, and I have set it to “use my kde settings”) but not the size of the bar itself. Any GTK mavens able to help please?

Please mark “Solved”

A kindly expert on IRC pointed out that vBOX is NOT a GTK app, but a QT4 one. Some tinkering can be done by CLI cmd qtconfig, I have now saved some precious screen estate.