Vbox Guest Extensions question

I have Vbox 4.2.16, installed from the Oracle website, running on my 12.3/KDE 4.10 laptop.
I have a Win7 VM installed on it. Runs as well as Windows ever does.

I downloaded and installed the Extensions Pack 4.2.16 from the Oracle site as well, installed from the Virtualbox Manager window, all VMs powered off.

When I open the Win7 Machine, the task bar icon reports Guest Additions 4.2.6 installed. I most likely was running Vbox 4.2.6 when the VM was installed.

The VM seems to work OK, so I am not sure how critical this is. Is there a secret to performing an update to the Guest Additions?
Selecting Devices-Install Guest Additions in the VM window does nothing.


Well, it’s been a while since I last ran Windows in VirtualBox, so it could be that I’m mistaking that with VMware.

IIRC, you should be able to update the guest additions via the Windows Systemtray icon. Try left-clicking on it to open a window, there you should be able to update. Or maybe there’s something in the right-click context menu as well?

But as I said, maybe it’s only that way in VMware.

Thanks for quick response; I recall a similar procedure in the past as well.

However, in this case hovering (with mouse pointer) over the cube-star icon in the system try tells me I have 4.2.6 Guest Addititons installed, but right click, left click and selecting Devices-Install Guest Additions does nothing.

Hm. Then maybe try to uninstall them first in Windows’ Control Panel->Programs->Programs and Features (Tips to free up drive space on your PC - Microsoft Support) and then try to install them again using VirtualBox’s Devices->Install Guest Additions?

Thanks wolfi, this is what worked for me

  1. Uninstall 4.2.6 guest additions using Win7 uninstaller
  2. Select Devices-Install Guest Additions
    This mounted a virtual CD as D:/
  3. Navigate to D:/, run the Windows Guest Additions installer

I guess I have not done this in a while, don’t recall having to do step 3.
Perhaps, in the past, Step 2 mounted virtual CD D: and autorun took over to run the installer.

Good for now, thanks