vbox guest additions in openSUSE 11.1 VM

Is there any current documentation for getting VirtualBox guest additions working inside an 11.1 VM? YaST2 shows me several vbox packages installed (which it found when I did my first update, so it knows it’s virtualised) yet all I have is integration that seems to know about mouse-hover events, but the mouse buttons behave like TAB and SHIFT-TAB and I can’t actually click on anythng.

The host OS is Mandriva 2009 x86_64 with VBox OSE 2.0.2. Thanks.

Hi, I think you will need the guest additions for Mandriva.

Surely I don’t need to install the guest additions on my host OS? That seems a bit strange to me, and when I went looking for them, it then wanted to install a kernel especially for vbox guests. That’s not what I want for my host (Mandriva). I need to get the additions installed inside the virtualised openSUSE 11.1.

You’re right. Sorry for confusing you.