VBOX Failure on Start of Guest -- Leap 42.1 HOST, W7 Guest

This problem started with the applying of a security patch that required a reboot. After the reboot, vbox 4.? would start, but when I selected the W7 Home Premium to boot, within moments it failed. :open_mouth:

So I tried to back out the patch. This ended up with me trying to do a SUSE 13.2 UPDATE install. Well, this ended with me selecting the Vbox 5.? rpm. That failed and so I figured the thing to do was a Leap 42.1 upgrade and get the latest Vbox. >:(

OK, is there a simple way to uninstall vbox, completely? And is there a way to force the Leap 42.1 kernel? It appears that I have managed to get this in a mixed code state. And it looks like the only way to fix this is to get yast to clean this out.

If not, then I’m left with doing a backup of /home and taking the nuclear option which I really didn’t want to do.

In this case, I am running raid mirroring of /home, and using a 64bit install of SUSE on a 4 Core 3+GHz AMD cpu with 8GB RAM and a 14.? GB SSD for prime swap if you need to know (the rest of the system is split across two disk drives (I think they are 2TB drives). And a graphics card driving two monitors (no, not a gaming machine, just lots of graphics work).T


What error message?

What version exactly? Failed how? What error message?

Latest 5.0.14 required an update to oracle’s extensions (the usb and video thing), or you’d get an error message when launching VMs. ?There’s a thread about this somewhere in this forum.

My bad. I forgot to capture all those messages, and get the serial number of the CPU. Because without those, one just can’t answer the questions “is there a simple way to uninstall vbox, completely? And is there a way to force the Leap 42.1 kernel?”

So I fixed the whole thing by backing up the /home partition and blowing it all away, and then restoring the /home partition.

And, you know, not having or knowing what the error messages were for some reason just didn’t keep the Leap 42.1 from getting rid of that mixed code.

You will have to forgive my sarcasm. I’m rather tired of script readers, and people who know that if I don’t hold the reset button down for 15 seconds, that a network device won’t actually reset.

Problem solved.

When I read your post, I thought: “Hey, it looks like this guy ran into the same problem I did a few days ago - mainly the need to update the extensions after updating vbox to 5.0.14, something you didn’t have to do since version 4.something. I see he wants to uninstall everything/whatever, but perhaps I can save him the hassle.”

That’s why I asked about error messages and vbox version. Sorry it irked you (no sarcasm intended).

I’ve found out that reinstalling is a very “windowsy” thing. With linux, or with openSUSE, reinstalling more often than not leaves you in the same spot, so I try to understand what is wrong and fix it.

AFAIR I never had to reinstall a system that I already started working on. New installs, however, are a different animal.

Scripts are nice for terminal jockeys. I only get into one to see, guess what: error messages.

Didn’t understand your reference to 15 seconds to reset network devices, the subject was virtual box. Perhaps you got confused with another thread…

How you write is up to you. But it may influence the support you get in the future.

Postponed, more likely.

Anyway, good luck to you, wylbur.