Vbox, fails to self upgrade...

Hi, launching vBox lately pops-up this;

but if I allow it to go ahead, I get this… :

the window has no end (!), no scroll bars nor any further info. If I first uninstall in Yast, will I lose all of my machines?

Up until now these periodic updates have been a breeze, only sometimes needing a vbox setup afterwards to tweak the kernel

3.2 is a new series. You should update using the VBox repo, or delete the 3.1 package first.

TY Ken…, But:

If I first uninstall in Yast, will I lose all of my machines?

No, they are not part of the package.

TY Ken…;):slight_smile:
I will archive/back-up the important one just to be safe! Cheers!

Well, that was all quite amazingly painless! I uninstalled from Yast, clicked on the rpm of the new one, and it said “error, already installled”??? Not believing it, I went to desktop, and my launcher was still there? Clicked it and sure enough, new version installed. installed guest additions into the VMachine, and bingo! Sun Vbox is now Oracle Vbox??
TY Ken for the advice and reassurance…

You’re welcome. Enjoy Linux and VBox.