vBOX Arrrgh!

Can it be true that vBOX CANNOT have a guest OS displaying at a resolution/mode LESS THAN that of the host???
I have been banging my head on the wall all day and it seems to be the case???

No, it’s possible to set less resolution for the guest OS.

Arrrgh? What are you? A pirate? rotfl! But seriously, you can have a guest os with a lower resolution. In fact, it is an annoyance to me that when I start XP, it opens with either 800x600 or 640x480 and iTunes complains about it.

You didn’t say which vbox you are using. I needed usb support, so I went out to virtualbox.org and downloaded the non-OSE version. In that version (3.0.4), I can go all the way up to the full resolution of the monitor and still have it operate nicely in a window. Vbox makes the adjustment. Just from a personal preference, I went up the to the full resolution because I like to run full screen most of the time.

Maybe its the version of vbox that is giving you the problem. Oh, you did try to adjust the resolution from inside the guest, didn’t you?

TY for the reply Prexy, I am now on 3.0.4 with guest adds.
I will start a new thread under a more sensible heading now that I have calmed down a bit!