VBox Additions?....

I kinda confused about how to install the guest additions. I had success before, but don’t have a clue as to why it’s not working now.

In the guest VM in YaSsT - Software Management is listed virtualbox-ose-guest-tools is installed, but I still have to capture the mouse.

When I have VBox download the additions and install the VM can’t boot. I did this before and it worked, I get a clean install, so I’m either mixing modules that are causing it to freeze during boot.

I have this modules installed in the guests:

virtualbox-ose-guest-tools     3.0.10-65.2
virtualbox-ose-kmp-pae 3.0.10_2.6.27.37_0.1-65.2
virtualbox-ose-kmp-trace 3.0.10_2.6.27.37_0.1-65.2

So what am I doing wrong?

You have to install the guest additions in the VM
Boot the VM, whatever it is with the guest additions .iso mounted in the VM settings.
or from the running VM header menu look for install guest additions

Thanks for your reply! I remove some other modules like the -ec2, xorg- stuff, and it’s working fine now. Next time I will just install the default mod’s and leave the other stuff alone and do some reading first to see if I need them.