Various application issues with new install

So, after a long hiatus, I have returned to OpenSUSE :). I am using 42.2 and so far most everything is working as I would expect… With the following exceptions.

  1. Kontact will connect to my Owncloud calendar and contacts without issue, but will not display all my calendar items - somethings are randomly missing from various days (Strange). Using Evolution, and Thunderbird, I have no issues with this.
  2. Okular will not open pdf’s from a smb:// mount, but I can open the PDF in Gimp or Libreoffice. I can open LOCAL pdfs, however.
  3. If I install Chromium, I am unable to select a default browser despite manually selecting one in the config area or even from the application. I want Firefox to remain my default, and have that selected, yet, when I open links, up comes Chromium.

1 is not that big of a deal as I have come to terms with Kontact being quite buggy and there are other options, but that was 3-4 years ago when I used it last - I would have expected it to be somewhat more mature now :).

3 is also not that big of a deal because I can always manually open up each app I need and paste in a URL - again, I kind of expected something as basic as selecting a default browser to be something that an operating system would have figured out YEARS ago!

2 is a complete show stopper for me because I have terabytes of data on a network share and need to view it - and I really dont want to have a million copies of Gimp open :-D.

Any ideas ?


Please, please, please.

One subject per thread, else the discussion will be a big mess! (which post belongs to which problem?)
In fact your post is already as mess because you have pieces of problem one on different places. How do you expect that people who might feel happy to help on problemt 1 are going to search and find the several pieces of text about problem 1?

And when you create one thread per question/problem, you will also be able to create titles that have at least some keywords about your problem. As it is now, people with not much free time will simply not open your thread which they would probably have done when e.g. the word Chromium had drawn their attention. Because they know things about Chromium.

I have CLOSED this thread and strongly advise you to create new threads where people will be happy to try to help you when you try to help them in creating good problem/question descriptions.