Variety limitations on GNOME

Hello again.
Tried Variety on openSUSE 13.2 GNOME Live DVD a while ago and it worked, however I found a couple of issues.

First, it seems Variety cannot read pictures from any directory other than ~/Images. Not even subdirectories inside. Second, it seems Variety plays exact same wallpaper sequence in every desktop; cannot handle each desktop with independent wallpaper sequences.

Are these actual limitations of Variety still to be worked on, or did I miss something?

Thanks beforehand.

Any ideas?

what version of Variety do you have and where did you get it from?
there are 2 extra repo’s that provide 0.5.3 here
I really don’t like gnome and variety doesn’t play nice with kde but according to this
Variety can pull images from the web, maybe you should ask at it’s developers page (above link)

According to this screenshot
you can add any folder to Variety’s search path
Screenshot is from developers homepage