vallpaper, different wallpaper for virtual desktops

does somebody tried vallpaper?
and is there something in our opensuse repositories?

I don’t think so (unless somebody packaged it in their home repo).
But there’s no point really anyway.
It’s written in QML (JavaScript) and can easily be installed by the given command, or likely even via “Get New…” in systemsettings5.
(actually it should be enough to copy the files from the archive to the appropriate location)

I haven’t tried it myself, nor heard about it so far.

Another tool to have different wallpapers per desktop is here btw:

That one would need to be compiled though…

it works!!! smoothly and softly
installed as the instructions says
extracted files, Install: sudo plasmapkg2 -g -t wallpaperplugin --install Vallpaper
go to desktop, rightclick on it (…it seems the only way to change desktop wallpaper, it is not in systemsettings), choose configure desktop, in wallpaper type choose Vallpaper 1.1.2 and enjoy this cannot-live-without-best-in-the-world-software lol!lol!lol!

P.S. KDE team should provide it as default!!!