Vagrant uninstalled after distribution upgrade (because of Ruby 2.4)

Hi everyone,
I don’t know if I should put this here, despite being about Vagrant, because it is more related to the presence in the repos for the latest version of Vagrant (2.x) or previous version of Ruby (<2.5.x).
With the latest distribution update, Ruby 2.4 was removed and with it, so it went Vagrant 1.9.x.
The latest version of Vagrant in the repo is 1.9.x that only run with Ruby 2.4.x or previous.
But the only version of Ruby is 2.5.x

I tried installing non stable versions with 1-click-install but with no luck. Perhaps the only way is manually installing Ruby 2.4 and Vagrant 1.9…

What do you think?

Thanks in advance,


If you want to isolate Ruby from the frequent changes in Tumbleweed,
You can install Ruby from the official Ruby repos instead of openSUSE.

I wrote the following article awhile back which describes how to do this on openSUSE, using rubyenv (which is in many ways similar to Python’s virtualenv) to manage your Ruby environments so you can install whatever you want side by side and can selectively apply to your entire system or individual projects.

I update the following Wiki article only “as needed” whenever someone runs into an issue… So, if you run into something new, feel free to update the article. Or, if you run into something unresolvable, post here in this thread

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