Vag Com Cable via Wine

Hi All,

bit of a head scratcher here , im trying to get a usb cable working with Wine, Basically its a usb to OBD2 cable, its called VAG-COM and is used to communicate with Volkswagen-Audi group car ECU’S

on Windows you install the program (VAG-COM) and then you plug in the cable and install the drivers from cd,then you go into the program and basically test to see if the cable is working which on windows it does

Ive installed the program via Wine succesfully,i plugged in the cable and press test and get the error com port not found and also cable not found,obviously ive not installed any drivers for it.

Ive been told usb support of this nature is a no go area for Wine , so what i want to know is has anybody got any idea of any ways could get this to work.