v13.1 as a guest OS assistance

Seems I had to re-register, so… hello. :l

I am having a heck of a time installing v13.1 as a Guest OS.

Specs as follows;

Win7 x64 (up-to-date)
openSUSE-13.1-DVD-x86_64 (downloaded torrent, from main site)
VMware Workstation 9x

I used the recommended settings, and am greeted with the well documented “Calling the YaST module ‘inst_autoinit has failed” error.
Following the instructions, I removed the CD/DVD and Floppy Drives from within settings.

It is then that I get a little confused;

“Once these devices are removed power on the Virtual Machine. Select Installation and type: insecure=1 at the boot options.”

I can see nowhere to change that setting/add in.
Hitting F2 upon powering up the VM doesn’t give the suggested option either.

Upon powering up, OS cannot be found (which makes sense.)

ANY help out be appreciated, please and thanks.



I removed the drives, re-mounted the ISO on d-lite, and reinitialized the install, adding “insecure=1” at boot… and away we go. :l

I’m still unclear what happened.

Only by your general description I can guess that somehow you might be deploying directly to real storage, which is <not> recommended.
When you build/install your Guest, you should create a <virtual disk file> which contains and represents a hardware disk.

When you do it this way, the Guest uses VMware APIs to access virtualized hardware, completely removing any uniqueness in the hardware. One of the main benefits of doing it this way is that the Guest becomes completely portable, to deploy to another Host Server you only need to copy the virtual disks (and optionally the accompanying config files) to the new machine and fire it up.

Obviously, if you don’t virtualize your disk storage, the new Host machine would have to have identical hardware to migrate a Guest which should not ordinarily be the case.


I’ve followed along what you’re saying, to a point.

I was initially met with the error I posted, which occurred during a basic (auto) install.
It’s been a while since I’ve run VM and/or Suse, I googled the error, and found the solution.
I didn’t change anything for the install other than dealing with the error.

Here’s hoping I’ve got a portable/movable VM.

Thanks for the info.