v12.2-64, no sound

Fresh install of V12.2-64 and no sound when playing animations on Youtube.

Yast sound-configuration finds 2 sound cards, a motherboard Intel chipset, and an nVidia (on the graphics card?) .
Highlighting card-0, a test sound will play, highlighting card 1, no test sound will play.

By double clicking the speaker icon on the desktop, a Sound window pops up. The hardware tab shows no cards, hence nothing to configure.

What do I do?

You need to make the sound card you want to use the default. Here is YaST in KDE:


Highlight the sound card to use, Select the other button and then select make it the default. The default will be Index 0.

Next, in KDE, head over to Menu / Configure Desktop / Multimedia


Make sure the profile for the sound card you do not want to use is set to off. And, make sure the profile for the sound card you want to use is set properly:


If you use GNOME, you can see that it is important to specify both the openSUSE version and the desktop used if you want help you can follow. Now, for more help, you have got to read this blog:


And for sound testing, this bash script can help:


By the way the examples above were made for someone that had nVIDIA and wanted to use its HDMI output to a TV, but the same applies any time you have two or more sound devices installed.

Thank You,

Wow, I’m all set thank you.

I was very happy to help. Don’t forget to include your openSUSE version and Desktop used on your next problem request.

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