uvc webcam driver

I have webcams who need the uvc webcam driver
so i installed the uvc-kmp-default driver from the webcam driver repositorie

reboot and the webcam is working.

But now i have 2 uvcvideo.ko

1 in /lib/modules/

1 in /lib/modules/

they are both the same size the one from the kernel is the oldest one

Which one is used during boot??

There is no /dev/video registered to the driver

It’s just a guess, but I think driver in ./
substitutes the older one.

ok to be sure i uninstalled the uvc-kpm-default rpm

downloaded the driver from ~pinchartl/uvcvideo: Summary](http://linuxtv.org/hg/~pinchartl/uvcvideo/)

and make makeinstall depmod -aq


the webcam is working better than before

i can even have luvcview full screen
VLC Capture-device gives a stream full screen
Kdetv (kde3) gives a great picture also full screen

Amsn works greet with this webcam

Kopete kde4 sees the webcam but the picture is far to dark


Glad it worked for you!

I didn’t even knew you can see your webcam through VLC.

So luvcview and VLC work in my system as well,
but Kdetv and Kopete don’t.

Maybe, soon will try your solution too.
Thanks for sharing information!