Utilizing the hardware buttons on a scanner? (Scanjet 3300C)


I was wondering if it was somehow possible to configure the buttons on my scanner (HP Scanjet 3300C - it’s an old one) to actually perform the tasks they’re intended to do. The scanner itself works absolutely perfect despite its age (over a decade old)… however it has two physical buttons with a scanner and a printer icon on it. Now I don’t particularly care much for the scan button, but it would be awesome if the print button automatically send whatever it’s scanning to the printer as soon as it’s done.

The only two things I could find that seem to be written with the idea to fulfill this role are KScannerButtons and scanbuttond. Both haven’t received an update in years (2006 and 2007) and only seem to be good for spitting out an error.

I also tried installing hp-lib, but it doesn’t even recognize the printer (I’m guessing HP doesn’t support hardware that old). Not sure if it would get me further even it was recognized.

So how are these buttons configure post-2007?

I’ve a Scanjet 3800, kscannerbuttons should support it. I notice libsane-32 is needed (I’m on a 11.1 KDE3 64-bit system), the gui work - it’s a kommander script - but the scanner is not seen. If I have the time I’ll take a look at it.