Hi guys, i’m a new openSUSE user and i have a question to understand. How the /usr/share/dist/desktop-files directory reply your files to others desktops like my desktop /home/kayo/Desktop?

Sorry for my english.

Hi kayohf – welcome to the forums. I did not understand your question. Could you please say it again another way?

How /user/share/dist/desktop-files works? How this directory reply files for others directories?

If i create something in this directory, he repply automatic to my desktop /home/kayo/Desktop. How?

Hi & welcome Kayohf,

I assume you are using GNOME as DE?

This is a setting that got set with 11.1. Idea is to make a kind of ’ all users ’ icon folder.

Maybe this bug report will clear up a bit : https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=438071

If you want to turn this off follow comment #3.
Open ‘gconf-editor’ and remove the value in /apps/nautilus/desktop/predefined_items_dir

Hope that helps,

Magic, tkz!!

The dist/desktop files is a really god idea. It would be better if we can do some setting to disable the drag on the icons. Doing this we’ll get an easy way to do a centralized desktop administration for machines with more than one user.