/usr/sbin/Check is wrecking my rpmbuild

I have been trying to create a special version of atd for the use in our company. It has less secure access to the output files that atd creates. I have made a patch file that changes both the atd.c file and the Makefile to accommodate the changes in permission required. I have also made the appropriate changes to the at.spec file. There I have modified the %attr parameters in the %files section. However, when I run the rpmbuild it runs the /usr/sbin/Check program which ignores the changes I specified in the at.spec file and changes them to some values it predetermined. This creates an install rpm file that does not work as our company requires.

From where does this /usr/sbin/Check program get its information that it should override what I specified in the at.spec file? I thought openSUSE was open source. Where is the documentation about this /usr/sbin/Check program? I have searched but I have been unable to find any documentation for this program. In what package is it located? Where can I find a src rpm for openSUSE 10.3?