Using Zypper To UpDate openSuSE 12.1

Hi All,

I use zypper to update my system and keep noticing packages are being held back.

jjm@linux-k0au:~> su
linux-k0au:/home/jjm # cd
linux-k0au:~ # zypper update
Loading repository data…
Reading installed packages…

The following package updates will NOT be installed:
amarok autofs choqok gegl-0_1 gettext-runtime gimp gimp-help-browser gimp-plugins-python gstreamer-0_10
gstreamer-0_10-plugin-gnomevfs gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base gstreamer-0_10-plugins-good jpackage-utils kio_audiocd kmix konversation
konversation-lang kscd ktorrent kwebkitpart libbabl-0_1-0 libedit0 libexiv2-11 libfreebl3 libgegl-0_1-0 libgimp-2_0-0
libgimpui-2_0-0 libgstapp-0_10-0 libgstinterfaces-0_10-0 libgstreamer-0_10-0 libkcddb4 liblastfm0 libloudmouth-1-0 liblzma5 libmms0
libmygpo-qt1 libmysqlclient18 libmysqld18 libnsssharedhelper0 libproxy1 libqjson0 libreoffice-hyphen libreoffice-templates-en
libreoffice-templates-labels-a4 libreoffice-templates-labels-letter libreoffice-templates-presentation-layouts
libreoffice-thesaurus-de libsoftokn3 libsqlite3-0 libssh2-1 libstrigi0 libvisual libwavpack1 MozillaFirefox
MozillaFirefox-branding-openSUSE MozillaFirefox-translations-common mozilla-kde4-integration mozilla-nspr mozilla-nss
mozilla-nss-certs MozillaThunderbird myspell-american mysql-community-server mysql-community-server-client perl-Config-Crontab
perl-Crypt-SmbHash perl-Digest-HMAC perl-Digest-MD4 perl-Digest-SHA1 perl-gettext perl-HTML-Parser perl-HTML-Tagset perl-NetxAP
perl-Parse-RecDescent perl-X500-DN perl-XML-LibXML perl-XML-NamespaceSupport perl-XML-Parser perl-XML-SAX perl-XML-SAX-Base
perl-XML-Simple perl-XML-Writer perl-XML-XPath python-pycurl python-simplejson python-sip shared-desktop-ontologies sox strigi
virtualbox-guest-kmp-default virtualbox-guest-tools virtualbox-guest-x11 xalan-j2 xerces-j2 xerces-j2-xml-apis xz

Nothing to do.
linux-k0au:~ #

Any reason why this happens?

You have switched to versions from repos such as Packman. zypper up will not break that switch

On 2012-04-26 11:46, jjmacey wrote:
> Any reason why this happens?

Usually because the update would mean a vendor change. Try, for instance,
“zypper update amarok” and it will tell you why it doesn’t update amarok.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.4 x86_64 “Celadon” at Telcontar)

Hi Guys,

Looks like the both of you were right.

jjm@linux-k0au:~> su
linux-k0au:/home/jjm # cd
linux-k0au:~ # zypper update amarok
Loading repository data…
Reading installed packages…
There is an update candidate for ‘amarok’, but it is from different vendor. Use ‘zypper install amarok-2.5.0-19.3.i586’ to install this candidate.
Resolving package dependencies…

Nothing to do.
linux-k0au:~ #