Using Wicked, how can I turn wifi off and on.

Running 13.2 on old lap top I need to be able to set Laptop subnet address on lan socket to suit the initial wired connection to a new AP which has manufacturers default address so I can set it up using web access. Once the new AP has an address on the required subnet I need to be able to reset the laptop address. Trouble is wifi keeps interfering so I want to just turn it off. Easy on windoze but how on earth do I do it using wicked?

Use the rfkill command to soft block? Fire up YaST Network Settings and delete the configuration for the wifi device?

Hi Malcolm,
Many thanks. rfkill seems simplest way to go in the absence of a widget or hardware button with which I can turn off radio. Couldn’t complete intended task yesterday as I was sorting out wireless network which became unavailable due to rogue device. Will work on it again at the weekend.
Thanks once more.