Using webcam microphone causes crashes/locks

I’ve just installed a webcam (Microsoft LifeCam Studio). The video side of things is working fine, but almost any attempt to use the microphone results in one form or another of disaster. I’ve tried a couple of different webcam-related programs, most notably GUVCViewer, and as long as I leave the audio settings at “Audio API: PORTAUDIO” and “Input Device: default”, it records the video and a silent audio track. Any attempt to change the Audio API to PULSEAUDIO or to change the Input Device to “Microsoft LifeCam Studio™: USB Audio (hw:1,0)” results in the program freezing when I try to capture. I saw similar results Audacity trying to just capture audio from the mike. With the Google Talk plugin it gets even worse: video seems to work fine, leaving the audio on “default” results in silence. Changing the audio to the LifeCam twice locked up the entire machine (no response even to a ping).

The really vexing thing is that I’m pretty sure I have ALSA working OK, as I was able to record audio through the mike with

arecord -f S16_LE -c1 -r48000 -D hw:1,0 -d 15 test.wav

ALSA information is at

Any suggestions?