Using Suse 11.0 As a Server OS

Hey I am Building a new server on my network for data storage and a good bit of other things. I was considering as using Suse 11.0 as the server os. Was woundering if anyone else has tried this and any opinions on how it might run and work out, also as too the bendability of the os and reliability as this is gonna be a server i cant afford to crash or mess up. Well anyone have any opinions or ideas let me know. thanks

Fellow Suse:rolleyes:

To me your question is not very clear:

Are you asking for the usefullness of openSUSE 11.0 vs. 10.3, or vs another SUSE, or vs another Linux, or vs some Unix system?

You talk about data storage. Are the clients to use it as NFS server, something different? Do you need mirroring, backup facilities?

You talk about 'a good bit of other things". How can we, at this side of your question, know what those are and if openSUSE 11.0 can serve these?

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Im am asking to as. data back up and the versitility and is it possible to use Suse11 for the things I need, Such as data storage, mail server, Site hosting, Can Suse11 handle a heavy load randomly and me not have to worry about crashes and data loss, or my mail or site hosting going down when in heavy use.

Normaly not, but it depends on the hardware what yoy can handle. There are many Linux servers (also SUSE ones) in professional live.

There is always SLES (Suse Linux Enterprise Server) but that may be too far depending on how big of a random heavy load you are planning on having.

If SUSE cannot, my first thoughts are on CentOS, which is a free community supported version of Red Hat and is 99.999% compatible (yet easier in some ways because it uses Yum which Red Hat does not).

I’ve only just begun getting into the server world, setting up a home server (have a post somewhere around here looking for help) so I don’t have a lot of experience to offer.

I have a openSUSE 11.0 box that collects data from a few machines (not standalone computers, but instruments at my place of work) and it’s been doing just fine (was an upgrade from 10.1).

On my work machines I honestly use Ubuntu Server (only because the LTS) … I wish openSUSE would have some type of support for that (ie 10.3 / 11.3)… But we’ll see. I may some day replace it with OS…

Actually RHEL5 does use yum.

yah open Suse is reliable in that aspect in fact i have a lots of implementation using that os and until now their server is still up except if theirs a hardware issue