Using source service to download tar.

I am trying to use the source services to download my source files. I need to download two tar files but the source ends up being the same file name. Is there an additional param to define the destination file name?

<service name="download_url"><param name="path">viewvc/opennop/daemon/trunk/?view=tar</param><param name="host"></param></service>

<service name="download_url"><param name="path">viewvc/opennop/module/trunk/?view=tar</param><param name="host"></param></service>


If there is a rename service I can download the first rename it as needed, download the second then rename it. A destination name param would just be easier.


So does anyone know how to specify a destination filename for the download source service? This is producing the same filename even though its different source. Not really a fault of OBS its just how source forge outputs the tar from svn.

Please post a link to your OBS package.

I have removed the source services for those files because they need to be changed after they are downloaded to work with my spec file. I do have source services working to download my spec file and my init.d script from svn at