using other distros grub/bootloader

I plan to install opensuse 11 on a separate hdd on my test box.

Right now it’s set up as:

sda - Mint 5
sdb - PC-BSD
sdc - Sidux

I’m now using Mint’s grub and bootloader and wanted to add opensuse to it. How would I go about setting this up during the install?

(I asked this question in the other opensuse forum, but it seems to have merged with this one, since I can’t find or log into the old one)

Simple :slight_smile:
If you use the DVD (not sure if this is an option in the live version), before you install, configure it to use GRUB, then, copy the config file’s lines down(for opensuse), next make sure it doesn’t install any bootloader

After the install, add the lines earlier to mint’s grub conf(/boot/grub/menu.lst), back the old one up first, then reboot :wink:

How do you configure it to use its Grub before the install? is there a menu.lst to view during the live cd? i’ll be using the live CD because I like to have a small list of programs and then add more as needed.

before the installation there should be an option, if there isn’t, then try these commands

cat /boot/grub/menu.lst

I don’t think you will be able to do that during the normal install process from the live disk, I would use the DVD and only install what you need.

But I’m going from memory here, so I may be wrong.

If I just use the live CD will the opensuse grub bootloader see the other distros and list them on opensuse’s bootloader so I can get to them from the opensuse splash screen? that’s ok with me.

Yes, but I recommend you take the old menu.lst, put it on a flash drive, then if openSUSE doesn’t properly set it up, you can copy the right data from the old one

Good idea. Thanks :slight_smile: