using OSS drivers instead of ALSA for Amarok

Hi guys,
i’m pretty new to opensuse, so i’m just wondering how can i change the driver for amarok from alsa to OSS, as OSS is much better for my soundcard.


Welcome to openSUSE.

I don’t have this requirement, but IF I did, what I would do is check out the sound driver that xine uses. Amarok can use xine as a sound engine, and so if you can get xine using OSS, then you can get Amarok using oss. Take a good look at the xine setup options (you may have to select the “master of the universe” permissions setting in xine).

I also recommend you install the packman packaged version of libxine1, as opposed to using the Novell/SuSE-GmbH packaged version. And also with libxine1 install the packman packaged “mad” and packman packaged “xine-ui”. xine-ui is useful for directly checking out xine’s functionality with various multimedia files.

Thanks for the reply, i’ll certain try that once i get into suse again, but at least it works… unlike ubuntu… everything looks very structured in suse which i like :slight_smile: