Using ndisinstaller


I am using ndisinstaller in openSUSE 11.2 to re-install a Windows driver. This is equivalent to ndisgtk in Ubuntu and is a GUI to help installing Windows driver via ndiswrapper. Note that you have to locate the .INF driver file in Windows partition, not Linux partition, or else ndisinstaller won’t work. When I open ndisinstaller as root, it asks me if I want to re-use an “existing instance of ndiswrapper” or eliminate this manually.

If I choose “reuse existing ndiswrapper instance”, the driver installation works but writing the module seems take forever. So my question is how do I eliminate an existing instance of ndiswrapper by hand? Please note that prior to using ndisinstaller, I have already removed any existing drivers and ndiswrapper modules to make a clean slate.

Thanks a lot for your help.

I found out from a different thread that the problem with module writing takes too long is due to a lack of memory resources for the kernel and the cpu. Since the driver is already installed, I took a chance and cancelled the process. I then went to the terminal and modprobed ndiswrapper. Everything is OK now as far as ndiswrapper and the driver are concerned.