using Korganizer in daemon mode (no graphics)?


I use Korganizer to set events and reminders, but then if my computer is off korganizer will not send the reminders.
I have a server working 24-365 (without graphics), so I would like to set up the events handler and the reminders in the server.
I have seen that KOrganizer depends on akonadi server to work, so I tried

fernando@aldebaran:~> akonadictl start
Error: could not determine $DISPLAY.
qt.qpa.screen: QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display 
Could not connect to any X display.
Error: akonadi_control was started but didn't register at D-Bus session bus.
Make sure your system is set up correctly!

Can I start Korganizer in “daemon mode”?


No. Korganizer is not server app. But … you can use Nextcloud on your server, use it’s calendar, connect it to your Korganizer, instead of using the local calendar. I’ve been using this construction for years now, and no matter whether none of my machines using korganizer is on, I get the notifications/reminders on my phone.

Or just use Xvfb to make it work in the background and think it has a screen present… Should even be able to create a systemd service to start it up.

That is exactly the way I was setting it. I created a calendar in nextcloud and I imported it from Korganizer, then I created a event in korganizer with some reminders and the event appears in the nextcloud calendar, but it says

And I want to use email reminders.

Ah, OK. I don’t use those from Korganizer. On my android phone I set those for some appointments and have the choice of either a notification or an email.

I could launch a vnc server in the server, but I’m trying to avoid resource waste
Is Xvfb better for this?


No need for vnc? Basically it will /dev/null the graphics side (well keep it happy) and carry on doing it’s job in the background.